What's New

There is really quite a bit going on right now in the shop! I've recently delivered a beautiful new table to some happy clients, built and installed some fantastic, energy efficient entry doors in Laurier Heights, and have a whole slew of new work coming out throughout the Spring and Summer including another king sized bed, night stands, more tables, and a few surprise pieces that I've got to get out of my head (possibly a chair!)! Plus it will soon be biking season and time to hit the trails with the kids! Phew! Have a look through the Gallery and have a great day!  

Sharp Door 06.jpg

Sharp Mahogany Doors

Fantastic, energy efficient doors for a house in Laurier Heights. They are solid wood. They are insulated. They are 3" thick! And they are gorgeous!

Wounded Maple 07.jpg

Wounded Maple Table

This was a commissioned piece made from solid Maple. It uses a beautiful Rustic Maple slab as its centre piece, has a non-traditional structure, and utilizes both traditional and non-tradition woodworking techniques for its creation.


Shop Overrun!

This is just a pic of the shop, brimming with wood waiting to be made into art. The Spring and Summer will be seeing coffee tables, dining tables, table tops, exterior doors, and (hopefully) a chair of two! I share my Dad's shop... it's getting cramped!