I think of my work as a collaboration between myself and the material I am working with. The nature of this collaboration is that each participant (myself and any given piece of wood) will eventually make demands. Sometimes I will find an especially beautiful piece of wood that demands attention, so I will try to work with it in a way that will show off its distinctive character and draw as much attention to that particular piece of wood as possible. But sometimes I will also have demands. I will have ideas about specific projects that I would like to make, and will then have to find a piece of wood that will best show off the beauty of that design. The characteristics of each piece of wood I use will always influence what it is that I am trying to create. But I am always pushing to see how far I can take a piece; how much of it's inherent beauty I can pull from it; how far I can push my skills; and what I can learn along the way. The end result is a functional piece of art that is as strong in its construction as it is in its artistic concept.

My Story

My name is Bart Gellhaus and I have been an artist all my life. In fact, I have a BFA in Sculpture from the Alberta College of Art and Design, although I entered school through the strength of my drawing. My fine art practice has always been described as ephemeral. Temporary. And while the temporary nature of my gallery practice is at times at odds with the durability and permanence of my woodworking practice, I feel both fields are fantastic forms of expression. I treat my woodwork as fine art. I build things that I think would be at home in both a gallery and ...well... your home. I believe that the things that I surround myself with are extensions of myself, so why wouldn't I surround myself with things that are equally strong and beautiful? For now, if you want to get a better sense of what I do, please visit my Facebook Page.


Thank you so much for your interest in my work. Please keep in touch.